Buses are a great way to celebrate your special events. There are many ways to utilize our services, whether you are bar hopping, going to concerts, events, brewery tours, wine tastings or any other occasion. We want to ensure your rental goes smoothly and everyone has a safe and memorable time. Here are a few things that may help plan your rental.


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• Majority of rentals tend to start on one side of town and work their way back. This will make the most out of your first ride on the bus to really kick start the party and give you more time to enjoy your stops. It also helps to be closer to your drop off towards the end of the rental, so you don’t go over time. If there are two destination that are close together we don't mind driving around for a bit in between stops so you can enjoy your time on the bus.

• We do not require a preset itinerary; but doing some research is always encouraged. Our drivers and staff are knowledgeable of Omaha's nightlife and bars. If you are looking for a certain atmosphere, they will be happy to assist with recommendations and timing of your rental.

• Typically, with a 4-hour time block you can visit 3 stops and have enough time to enjoy the establishment without feeling rushed. 4 bars are possible depending on proximity, but it usually becomes a quick in and out situation, which can be difficult with larger groups. Keep in mind with drive time that buses travel much slower than a personal vehicle and you need to plan for the time it will take to load and unload at each stop. 

• As the host, you are the main contact point for the driver. If there is another member of your party that you would like to be an alternate contact while you are enjoying your evening, please let your driver know. Only the host or alternate will be responsible for telling the driver what destinations to go too, and when to depart from each stop.

• Inform everyone to use the restroom before leaving each stop since we do not have restrooms on the bus. This is very important. This will minimize making unexpected stops and extend your time on the bus. In our experience, we can only drive for 20-30 minutes max before needing to take a restroom break.

• Make it a theme party! 80s, 90s, 2000s, Country, Neon, Hawaiian, Costumes, etc. This is a fun way to keep your group together and a great way to break the ice especially if you have multiple friend groups coming together. There may even be a bar to match your theme!

• Have your guests hydrate and eat a light meal before the rental begins. We highly encourage the host to bring waters for the guest. Pickup from a restaurant or bar that serves food is a great way to give your guests a snack option beforehand. This also gives your group a chance to arrive before the bus, that way everyone is ready to go and you can get your rental started.

• Music is a key component to the party. All our buses have Bluetooth so you can pair your phone right to our sound system. You can make a special playlist or find a preset party bus playlist you like on your music streaming service.

• If you or guests are bringing coolers and are dropping off at a different location than the pickup, make sure you have arrangements to store coolers or personal items at the end of the rental. Larger coolers take up a lot of aisle room, we highly suggest bringing smaller flexible coolers. *Our Tiffany bus does have extra wide aisles and can accommodate larger coolers.  Be sure to inform your guest on our rules of no glass beer bottles, red wine, or Jello.