Holiday Light Tour

Holiday light tours are a great way to celebrate the season and make some amazing memories with family, friends, and coworkers. We provide a family fun atmosphere to see some of Omahas best light displays.  Our tour begins with a pickup at Habitat Restore (10910 Emmet St, Omaha, NE 68164) and will take your group on a preset route of Northwest Omaha between 120th and 156th  &  Dodge and Fort. The tour last 1.5hrs and will be available twice each evening. 

Light Tour Information

When booking with RnR Bus you can rest assured you and your guests will be safe and have a memorable experience. This is our 10th year providing Holiday Light Tours.

Our buses are professionally built and customizable to any occasion.  During the Holiday season our bus lights will be turned to a dim solid red, this will allow you to see outside while having the interior softly lit. We will also have all the TV’s displaying a cozy fireplace to provide an inviting atmosphere.

The tour starts with a pickup at Habitat ReStore - 10910 Emmet St, Omaha, NE 68164. Once your group has loaded we will begin the tour of Northwest Omaha featuring some of the best displays in the city.

If you would like the bus to pick you up at a pre-approved personalized location you can rent both time slots with a $100 discount. You will then have the bus for 3hrs for an extended tour and personal pickup.

Our Light Tours are family friendly, we accept all ages on the bus. Any adults over 21 are allowed to bring alcoholic drinks if they prefer. 

Please make sure you and your guests arrive on time. The bus will be ready to load 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, we do multiple light tours each night and we keep a tight schedule. If a member of your group is running late it will cut into your scheduled tour.

We do not have restrooms on the bus. Please inform your guests to leave early and to use the restroom before the tour begins, this will help eliminate extra stops. The bus can stop during the tour at a gas station if necessary, we will adjust the light tour to ensure we keep the bus on time. If your guests need to use the restroom beforehand or to pick up refreshments, there is a Kum&Go on Emmet Street near Habitat Restore.

Make it a theme party! Have your guests wear ugly sweaters, costumes, Grinch, Elf, matching hats, funny socks, or pajamas. There is so much stuff out there, have fun with it. We will have the buses decorated for the season, and our TVs will display a cozy fireplace.

Music is a key component to the party. Our buses have Bluetooth so you can pair your phone right to our sound system. You can make a special holiday playlist or find a preset holiday playlist you like on your music streaming service. Some houses will have their own music set to their displays, when we are outside those locations, we will play the houses music through our sound system.

If you or guests are bringing coolers keep in mind larger coolers take up a lot of aisle room, we highly suggest bringing smaller flexible coolers. *Our Tiffany bus does have extra wide aisles and can accommodate larger coolers*.  Be sure to inform your guest on our rules; No glass beer bottles, red wine, or Jello. Please make sure any cups brought onto the bus have lids. You are welcome to bring light snacks for your guests. We ask to please be conscious of messy or sticky snacks like popcorn, suckers, chocolate, or frosting. Any excessive mess (melted candy/chocolate, excessive spills, glitter, confetti) is subject to a $75 cleaning fee.

During the winter season, weather is something to keep in mind. We always do what is safest for our guests. We will monitor weather daily and be in contact with you if we except any adverse road conditions. If we have to cancel, we will do our best to get you rescheduled, if that is not possible we will provide a full refund.


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The tours are available for the following times

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs-   6-7:30pm  and  8-9:30pm.

Fri, Sat, Sun-   5:30-7pm  and  7:30-9pm

The rates for each bus

 Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs -   Alexa $500, Haley $550, Tiffany $575.

 Fri, Sat, Sun -   Alexa $600, Haley $650, Tiffany $675.

Prices Include Gratuity

Our prices are always all inclusive, and will include the gratuity for the driver plus all other charges.

If you would like a personalized pick up, you can book both time slots and will receive a $100 discount.  You will then have the bus for 3 hours for an extended tour and a pre-approved personal pickup.