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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the process for booking the bus?

We make the booking process simple.  To book a bus all you need to do is fill out the reservation form on the website.  Once we receive your form we will check availability and if the date, time, and bus are available we will run the credit card for the deposit and send you a confirmation email with all the reservation details. We only charge your card for the deposit if the date, time, and bus are available.

  • How do I pay the remaining balance and when is it due?​

The remaining balance is due at the time of pickup.You can pay the driver with Cash, Check, Venmo, or Credit Card.   ​​Checks are only accepted for weddings and business accounts.If the balance is paid with a Credit Card or Venmo there is an additional 3% processing fee.  There is no fee if the balance is paid in Cash or Check, and there is no fee for the deposit.

  • What if I would like to make changes to my reservation or switch to another bus?

We understand that a lot goes into planning your special occasion and you may need to make changes to your reservation.  We are happy to work with you to change any details of your reservation after booking.   Because we do multiple rentals each day moving your pickup/drop off time, adding extra time, making changes, etc may not always be available.  If any additional time is added to your reservation it can not be removed. If you would like to switch buses after booking, we will need at least a 30-day notice. 

  • Do you allow underage guests on the bus?

We take underage drinking very seriously. We do not allow any guests under the age of 21 without prior approval.  Underage age guests are only allowed for Weddings, Corporate, and Speciality Events. For underage guests please contact for preapproval. The driver can check Id's at any time. Due to our liquor license If anyone under the age of 21 is found on the bus without prior approval, the charter will end immediately and a report must be filed with the Nebraska State Patrol, see Rules, Terms, and Conditions.

  • What type of alcohol can I bring on the bus?

​​Alcohol is allowed on the bus as long as everyone in the party is over 21 years of age. You are welcome to bring any of your favorite drinks on the bus, with the exemption of,  We do not allowGlass Beer Bottles, Red Wine, Jello Shots/Gelatin, 5-gallon drink containers, Kegs, or Beer Bongs. If we find Jello/Gelatin on the bus there will be an additional $75 fee.  Glass liquor bottles are allowed. If you would like to bring mixed drinks for your guest we recommend One Gallon Containers with lids.  It is also recommended that any cups used for mixed drinks have lids. Buses are bouncy and cups without lids, ie. red solo cups will spill if not covered. If there is excessive mixed drink spills on the bus there could be an additional $75 cleaning charge.  You are allowed to bring on any coolers, keep in mind coolers take up a lot of space in the aisle. To maximize room and provide the most comfortable ride, small flexible coolers are highly recommended vs normal coolers. Flexible coolers give you the opportunity to put your drinks under the seats to provide more isle room. Rockin N Rollin does remind you to drink responsibly and know your limits.

  • Where does the bus pick up from and what destinations can I go to?

Our unlimited mileage includes pick up and drop off anywhere in the Greater Omaha Area including Council Bluffs. *Due to the size of our buses, not all pick-up and drop-off locations can be accommodated.We Do Not pick up or drop off in the majority of residential neighborhoods... Once underway you can have the driver take you anywhere you would like within the City of Omaha. We don't mind driving you around and letting your group have fun on the bus but there are no restrooms and you will need to have a planned stop at least every 30mins during your rental.   We do travel outside of Omaha. Any travel outside the city will have additional travel charges and must be pre-approved a week before the rental date. 

  • Can I bring my own music and what hookups do you have?

Rockin N Rollin encourages you to bring your own music. Nobody knows what you like better than yourself.  All our sound systems have built in Bluetooth connections to stream your music. Our Haley and Alexa buses have the ability to stream your phone to the TV's. This will give you the ability to stream music videos from youtube or pictures from your phone. We have iPhone and Type C HDMI adapters on the bus for you to use.  *Due to the variety of android devices the adapter may not work on all Type C devices.

  • When does the scheduled time begin and can I buy more time?

Your time starts at the time booked during your reservation. The driver will arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to give you a chance to load your passengers and coolers.   You are more than welcome to hire the bus for additional time if it is available and it is approved by management. Buying extra time the night of is not guaranteed.  If you want to add extra time it is recommended to do it before your rental date.

  • Is Rockin N Rollin Party Bus safe and are you fully insured?

Safety is our number one priority.Our buses have regularly scheduled full safety and mechanical inspections.  We also carry a 5 million dollar insurance policy for the State of Nebraska and Iowa. In addition, we are fully permitted within both States.  Unfortunately, there are many illegal buses in Omaha.  Do your due diligence before booking with any company to ensure you are getting a safe, reliable, and legal bus. 

  • What type of drivers do you hire?

Rest assured that when you book with us you will get the most professional staff in the business. All of our drivers are fully certified and have the proper licensing. You will not see our drivers dressed in causal clothing either. Our drivers are registered chauffeurs and dress accordingly. We know when you book a reservation you want the best and that is what we provide. Our drivers will always be completely certified, courteous, respectful, and dressed professionally. 

  • Is smoking allowed on the bus?

Smoking is NOT allowed on our buses. If we see you trying to be sneaky and smoking in the back of the bus we will charge a $250 fee.  Vaping is at the discretion of the host. 

  • What if the weather is bad and it is unsafe to travel?

If the driver feels the roads are unsafe to travel on, they have the right to end the trip at any time.  Rockin N Rollin wants to provide the best service in the industry. If your rental has to be canceled due to weather, the deposit remains nonrefundable but can be applied to a future rental that is booked within 6 months of the cancelation date.

  • What happens if someone gets sick on the bus?

If there are bodily fluids of any kind on the bus, a non-negotiable $200 fine will be charged to the card on file.  See Rules, Terms and Conditions